Surveillance Features

We enhance your communications investment by integrating surveillance features.

In order to upgrade your phone system and add features like voicemail-to-email, Call Recording and Audio Conferencing, you have selected an Epygi IP PBX. Do you want to take Epygi to the next level that other phone systems can’t? With Eypgi as the brains of this integrated solution, your data voice, video and surveillance features can be managed by one system.

Surveillance Diagram

Epygi makes it simple for you to integrate any IP and surveillance equipment you want to enhance your professional image. Here is how:

Adding IP Video Phones

  • Holding video conferences can make it easier to communicate with employees locally and remotely.
  • Offsite executives can view their office from any IP video phone.
Counterpath Grandstream Yealink Polycom

Adding IP Security Cameras

  • IP cameras inside and outside the office can record and store video.
  • Can be used to speak with employees who are near IP cameras.
Grandstream Mobotix

Adding Door Access Control

  • Employees can speak to visitors who are at the entrance and allow them access.
  • If an employee is not available, the guest can leave a message at the front door.
Mobotix 2N Cyberdata Surix

Adding Paging Systems

  • Supervisors can make announcements to employees in designated areas of the office.
2N snom Cyberdata