Auto and Transportation

With the number of vehicle owners continuing to increase every year, the auto and transportation industry is booming.

This means, many of your employees are traveling, on the road with clients or located in showrooms and offices around the globe.

The following features are essential for keeping your business right on track.

Recommended Features:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    ACD is a licensable feature to support your call center environment, allowing for more efficient and customizable call distribution management.

  • Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding allows you to program your PBX to automatically redirect incoming calls to another number - a cell phone or home phone for example.

  • Multi–Company Receptionist

    The Multi-Company Receptionist feature allows one receptionist to answer calls from predetermined PSTN/IP lines, each identified to a specific company, saving you time and money.

  • Unified Messaging

    Unified Messaging integrates different message types - voicemail, email, text messaging and fax - into a single box that is accessible from a variety of devices, including your office phone, PC and cell phone.

Public Transport Council of Costa Rica

While striving to provide the best in transportation services, the Public Transport Council of Costa Rica (CTP), searched for the best in unified VoIP telecommunication systems. CTP desired to improve its customer accuracy, maintain reliable multi-location office communication, add more than one SIP Trunk possibilities, have a Fax server and most importantly lower its high call costs; in short, all the latest features in IP phone systems. They found this in Epygi Technologies.


Road Shark Logistics

Road Shark Logistics is a freight brokerage company offering solutions for nationwide transportation needs. They purchased a QuadroM32x and added features including Automatic Call Distribution, Call Recording, and Barge-In. They chose the Quadro paired with these features in order to improve office reliability, customer accuracy and call costs.

Road Shark Logistics

Walker Tire and Auto Service

Walker Tire and Auto Service is a vehicle maintenance provider in Lincoln, Nebraska. They chose the QuadroM8L to eliminate commuting to their different locations and to standardize their communication systems between four locations. They also took advantage of the Direct Inward Dial numbers feature and the sixteen-user Conference Bridge to reduce expenses and save time.

Walker Tire