When it comes to dealing with your client's financials, you don't want to miss a thing, but with outdated communication systems, you are already behind.

Epygi's QX systems can provide you with features that allow you to be contacted via your IP PBX system wherever you are so you never miss another important call, as well as providing your company with an extra level of software security. The following recommended features will create a more efficient and secure working environment.

Recommended Features:

  • Call Recording

    This feature has the ability to record and store PBX, SIP or PSTN calls either locally on the Quadro's internal memory or on an external server. Calls can be recorded by pushing the record button on an IP phone, programming specific extensions to be recorded or recording every active call.

  • Call Relay

    The Call Relay feature allows an external call to your IP PBX box and relayed to an external line or vice versa. This feature allows the call to be routed through one number, thus not revealing the private number of an external phone line. This feature is especially useful when an employee is out of the office. The employee can receive the call on their cell phone through the internal line of the PBX as if they were in the office.

  • Find Me Follow Me

    The Find Me Follow Me feature permits employees to have calls track them down wherever they are. This Quadro feature makes your employees more efficient, because it gives them the ability to handle office tasks from any location.

  • Unified Messaging

    Unified Messaging integrates different message types - voicemail, email, text messaging and fax - into a single box that is accessible from a variety of devices, including your office phone, PC and cell phone.

Bulgarian Development Bank

Bulgarian Development Bank is the only state-owned financial institution in Bulgaria. With the installation of the QX1000, they now have one centralized voicemail server and the ability to forward voicemail messages to email addresses. Their new system also allows them access to system-wide Call Routing, which enables extension numbers and calls to increase their efficiency with customers.

Bulgarian Development Bank

Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc.

Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc. is a finance firm located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. They replaced their unreliable PC-based system with the Quadro2x, which is compatible with the company's already existing Cisco phones. Upgrading to Epygi has allowed them the ability to have multiple lines, remote extensions, Voicemail-to-Email functionality and system stability.

Colorado Real Estate

Farmers Insurance Group Agency - Schubbe Insurance Agency, Inc.

Schubbe Insurance Agency, Inc., located in Wentzville, Missouri, installed the Quadro2x in order to gain access to features including Voicemail and Call Relay. They have also benefitted from Epygi's Find Me Follow Me and iQall features by increasing efficiency in performing office tasks from any location.

Schubbe Insurance Agency

Henner Group

The Henner Group is a worldwide provider of health insurance. They installed various Quadros at each of their locations, primarily to eliminate their internal international fees. In order to reduce these outbound dialing charges, they took advantage of features such as iQall, Auto Attendant and website callback capabilities.

Henner Group


Insurance3 is a personal and commercial property insurance company located in Dallas, Texas. They installed the QuadroM8L in order to take advantage of certain features, such as Find Me Follow Me and Voicemail Messaging. Epygi's flexibility also allowed them to set up their Epygi solution with their existing Nortel IP phone system.


Insurance Connection USA

Insurance Connection USA, located in Denton, Texas, offers home, auto, disability and life insurance to over 5,000 clients. They replaced their Verizon digital phone system with the Quadro2x, which allowed them the ability to dedicate their phone lines to established internal agency departments. They were also able to integrate their remote workers and offices within their main office.

Insurance Connection

Rodriguez Insurance Agency

Rodriguez Insurance Agency, based in Richardson, Texas, provides insurance for more than 2,000 customers statewide. With plans to expand, they installed the Quadro6L. They also purchased the a license for the Quadro Communications Manager (QCM). With this feature, all employees are connected to an integrated phone and voicemail system by using a unified dialing plan. This allows them to contact their employees at any location.

Rodriguez Insurance

World Financial Group

World Financial Group (WFG) is a leading financial services organization that specializes in assisting their customers in reaching their financial goals. With offices all across the United States, they needed a phone system that would integrate communication between all of their locations. They installed the Quadro6L system and instantly gained access to features including time-based call routing, Find Me Follow Me and Voicemail-to-Email. With this installation they were better able to maintain their customer relationships and help them to achieve their financial goals.

World Financial Group