We manufacture IP PBXs and Gateways easily customizable for your company.

Due to constant changes in technology, the manufacturing industry is changing every day, therefore making direct communication amongst your company's many players, domestically and abroad, vital. Did you know that your Epygi QX system can provide you with global video conferencing capabilities, the opportunity to receive notification of voice or data messages wherever you are and distribute automatic calls to your buyers, all from your IP phone supported by your IP PBX?

The following features are essential to keep your company's communication running like a well-oiled machine.

Recommended Features:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    ACD is a licensable feature to support your call center environment, allowing for more efficient and customizable call distribution management.

  • Find Me Follow Me

    The Find Me Follow Me feature permits employees to have calls track them down wherever they are. This Quadro feature makes your employees more efficient, because it gives them the ability to handle office tasks from any location.

  • Multi–Company Receptionist

    The Multi-Company Receptionist feature allows one receptionist to answer calls from predetermined PSTN/IP lines, each identified to a specific company, saving you time and money.

  • Unified Messaging

    Unified Messaging integrates different message types - voicemail, email, text messaging and fax - into a single box that is accessible from a variety of devices, including your office phone, PC and cell phone.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing offers an additional return on investment when addressing remote communication needs. The ability to visually describe something, or determine moods and gestures, greatly increases the effectiveness of remote communication.

Alert Life Science Computing

Alert Science Computing, headquartered in Oporto, Portugal, provides advanced software solutions for those involved in healthcare. Alert needed a flexible system so they would not have to buy additional hardware, and the Quadro E1/T1 Gateway and Quadro16xi IP PBX made this possible. This installation drastically cut their costs due to its ability to forward calls to the Quadro E1/T1 and allow for call loads to be shared.

Alert Life

Belletile Inc.

Belletile is a Canadian-owned carpet tile manufacturing company. They installed the QuadroM8L IP PBX at their headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Immediately, took full advantage of the unified dialing plan and the Find Me Follow Me feature, in order to ensure that a real person always answers the phone, and not a recording.

Belletile Inc.

Carma Construction

Carma Construction, located in St. Charles, Missouri, develops and sells specially designed retaining walls. They installed a Quadro2x in order to provide them with the most flexible solution for features, such as Find Me Follow Me and Auto Attendant. The Auto Attendant is able to provide 24-hour automated call answering for customers and routing to improve service, while still keeping hardware costs down.

Carma Construction


DadGear, founded in Denver, Colorado, distributes baby gear, specifically targeted to dads. Currently, they sell their products in more than 30 countries, thus they required a reliable phone system. With the installation of the Quadro2x, DadGear capitalized on Epygi's Auto Attendant, Voicemail-to-Email and virtual extensions features for remote workers.


Global Ore Discovery

Global Ore Discovery is an Australian-owned mineral and energy geological consultancy. Global Ore Discovery needed a reliable and easy to maintain telephone system to communicate between their Argentinean regional office and Australian headquarters. The company installed a Quadro 4x in each office and greatly reduced international calling costs and mobile broadband costs.

Global Ore Discovery

JBY Création

JBY Création is a French designer and manufacturer of residential curtains and drapes servicing the global market. They installed the Quadro2x configured with dual English-French Auto Attendant for handling incoming calls. They heavily utilize the Unified Fax function, which captures incoming faxes and forwards them to email. Epygi's Quadro Configuration Console tool (QCC) also allows them access to remote units.

JBY Création

National Cooperative Montecillos Slaughterhouse

National Cooperative Montecillos Slaughterhouse is one of the largest meat packing plants in Costa Rica. They installed the QuadroM32x, equipped with 160 IP extensions and features such as Video Call, Video Conferencing and Auto Dialer. These added features helped them decrease overall calling time and increase company efficiency.

Montecillos Slaughterhouse

Schindler Group

Based in Switzerland, the Schindler Group has been providing escalators and elevators to a global market for years. Because of their difficulties with a desktop USB telephone interface, they decided to make the choice to implement the Epygi Quadro FXO. Installing an Epygi system has allowed Schindler to escalate their communication throughout a multinational corporation.


Vin et Privilège

Based in Saint Emilion, France, Vin et Privilège is a trusted world manufacturer of packaged wine bottles for both residential and corporate customers. The company uses the Quadro4x with Epygi's Third Party Call Control (3PCC) license. The new Quadro software integration decreased the company's total telecommunications cost.

Vin et Privilège