Epygi helps you provide better customer service, resulting in a better dining experience for your customers.

Everyone has to eat and you hope they come to your restaurant. With Epygi's QX call answering and call maintenance features, customer calls can be routed more efficiently, thus resulting in increased customer satisfaction and foot traffic. Epygi's products also make it possible for regional managers to better manage their locations, therefore increasing broader business efficiency between many different departments.

The following features are essential for keeping your customers coming back for seconds.

Recommended Features:

  • Auto Attendant

    The Auto Attendant feature is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that replaces a human operator and directs calls to the appropriate extensions or voice mailboxes. It engages callers through pre-recorded or synthesized audio prompts.

  • Auto Dialer

    The Auto Dialer allows users to automate outbound calls directly to their clients. The messages played to the clients can be prerecorded and updated regularly. The list to call can be created in any spreadsheet application and exported to CSV format. The clients contacted can be prompted to respond to the information with pre-set options delivered by the automatic call.

  • Call Park

    When a call is "parked," it is put on hold at a specific extension number to be resumed by someone on another phone. That person can pick up the call by keying the displayed extension number. If no one is available to take the call at the other location, it will "ring back" to the original extension alerting the person who originally parked the call.

  • Call Pickup

    Call Pickup allows you to define pickup groups by grouping extensions together. Any phone in the building can be used to answer a call that is ringing on another extension within the designated pickup group.

  • Call Routing

    Call Routing allows calls to travel through a network along a pre-determined path to its final destination. This feature helps determine the least expensive way and/or least congested path to route a call. Incoming calls can also be grouped according to area code and routed to specific customer service reps who manage different geographic regions.

Ahead Trading

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Ahead Trading owns 21 KFC restaurants. When looking to replace their old phone system, they decided to install the Quadro16x. They chose the Epygi system because of its reliability and easy-to-use four-digit dialing ability among locations. The Quadro solution offers a quick return on investment by improving employees' productivity and enhancing their professional image.

Ahead Trading


Upon moving to Lebanon, Fuddruckers' franchisee owner needed a system that would allow him to maintain quality contact between the Lebanon Fuddruckers and the United States for free. By installing Epygi's line of Quadro IP PBXs, he eliminated long distance call fees, which resulted in the ability to seamlessly run both restaurant locations.


Michael Anthony's Restaurant

Michael Anthony's offers upscale dining with breathtaking views of the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan. Upon installing the Quadro2x, they were better able to maintain their large volume of incoming reservation calls more efficiently. They constantly use the customizable Auto Attendant and Call Routing features in order to assist prospective diners with reservations and questions regarding directions, special events, etc.

Michael Anthony's Restaurant

Palmas Services, LLC

Palmas Services, LLC has restaurants located in Orlando as well as Mexico. Upon looking for a new IP PBX system, they required that the system be able to create seamless communication across multiple locations, as well as have a central point of contact for employees. They installed the QuadroM8L and heavily use the Auto Attendant, Call Transfer and Fax Programming features.

Michael Anthony's Restaurant

Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grill, founded in Denver, Colorado, has since spread throughout the United States. For their six Illinois locations, Qdoba chose to install the Epygi Quadro line. The new system provided them with 10 local extensions and the opportunity to upgrade to 18 extensions as a result of future growth. The auto-configuration capabilities between the line of Quadros and Snom Technology's IP phones simplified installation process and operation, thus allowing Qdoba to take advantage of SIP trunking.