Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX) through Clearfly

Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX) is a hosted PBX service provided by Epygi directly to resellers. It offers the complete set of features available in our QX appliances. Trunk termination to PSTN is achieved through 3rd party SIP trunk providers like Clearfly giving flexibility of service. Redundancy is an inherent service that is implemented by an automatic fail-over to reduce the downtime of the instance to a couple of minutes in case of hardware or network failures. Basic activation starts with 3 extensions and can expand up to 3000.

ecQX, unlike some other products out there that restrict your device options, gives you the choice of using your own SIP phone that auto-configures with our PBX.

Call Recording, Audio Conference and Call Center are some of the added services that can be activated separately as needed. ecQX comes with our cloud-based ecMON, monitoring and management service.

ecQX comes with our award winning softphone (eQall) that provides mobility and flexibility on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

  • Convenient end-user billing with Clearfly

  • Use Clearfly SIP Trunks 

  • Dedicated support from experts

  • Includes the use of ecMON monitoring and management portal.

  • Extensive list of features.
  • Fully integrates with Microsoft Teams.

  • CRM integration is available.

  • System Redundancy is included

  • On-premise systems also available

  • eQall Softphone included with each extension.

Clearfly Customer Guide


eQall Softphone

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ecQX is the cloud-based solution you’ve been looking for.

With a large variety of additional features, the ecQX can adjust to the needs of any business.

Easy-to-use browser interface.

Manage all of your phones and settings via the intuitive web portal.