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Epygi strives to provide the best support and products, and to go above and beyond expectations every time. For this reason, Epygi has collaborated with various partners to bring integrators exclusive savings. Each month find limited-time, value-added bundles to help build low-cost, reliable Unified Communications solutions. These promotional offers feature Epygi products paired with enhanced features or verified products to complement our IP PBXs and Gateways at special pricing, authorized directly by our distributors.

EPYGI and IT-LOGIQ Special Offer – It's Time for a CHANGE/ C'est le Moment de CHANGER!

What an AWESOME offer and a GREAT deal! Do not miss the chance of trading-in your discontinued Epygi Quadro and getting instead one of our newest QX models, which are more compact and feature-rich. You would not only get a NEW product, but would also get a one-year subscription of Epygi's popular Cloud Monitoring Service (ecMON) plus a set of License Keys( about 1000 € value) transferred to QX for FREE!