October 2017 Newsletter


Introducing a NEW Member of Our QX Family - QX3000

With November right around the corner, it's a busy and exciting time here at Epygi. In just a few short weeks, our QX line of IP PBXs will have a new family member, the QX3000, which will come to replace our old friend, the QX2000.

Our new QX IP PBX is robust and feature rich solution for almost every communications need of an enterprise.

The new QX3000 is engineered to service large offices of up to 3000 users and to support up to 500 concurrent calls. The BEST part of this addition is its price. Despite the fact that the new IP PBX is more powerful compared to QX2000 it will be available for purchase at the same price as QX2000.

Send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.


Adiptel and Epygi Complete Interoperability Certification


Epygi Technologies is excited to announce their interoperability partnership with Adiptel, one of the leading Spanish Internet Telephony Service Providers.

Epygi and Adiptel have worked together to ensure complete integration on their respective hardware and network. With Epygi's, successfully tested QX line, SMB users can expect seamless unified communications equipped with ample feature options and a competitive price point.

"Completing Interoperability Certification with Adiptel will provide our global customers with a broader feature set that in addition, allows for rapid transition from legacy telecommunications networks to IP-based communications," said Ashot Sargsyan, head of Software Validation department, Epygi.

To learn more about the new partnership, click here.

Epygi Gives You a CHOICE - Try Before You Buy

Try License

Epygi's QX line comes equipped with variety of free and licensable features and the users can easily mix and match the available features depending on their business needs. This makes it possible to create the perfect custom UC solution without spending the extra penny on unnecessary features.

The BEST part of the whole process is that Epygi users can try before they buy, all for FREE, any licensable feature on their QX IP PBX for 30 days. The licensable features range from call center solutions to video conferencing.

By offering free trial, Epygi gives you the ability to choose what you pay for, instead of being locked into a one-size-fits-all solution. No matter when the QX product was purchased, the desired features can be tried and added at any time during or after your IP PBX purchase.

If you are interested in trying ANY LICENSABLE feature for FREE, please send an email to sales@epygi.com.

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