March 2018 Newsletter

School Solution

Epygi School Solution - Better Learning Environment, Secure Schools

Investment in reliable and cost-effective unified communications is vital nowadays. Despite the fact that many schools are still using legacy phone systems, many have already started migrating to IP Telephony thus improving productivity, school safety and cutting costs in the long run.

Epygi's feature-rich communications solutions offer the tools for maintaining a value-added communications network and a secure educational environment. Below are highlighted only some of the features, for more details please go here.

A UNIFIED DIALING PLAN would be very helpful for all, whether it is a small school, university or a school district. It will provide all offices with a centralized, multi-location dial plan, allowing contacts to be dialed from multiple locations in the same unified way.

SURVEILLANCE and SECURITY would be ensured by a set of features and a combination of devices. Epygi's IP PBXs are compatible and can be easily configured with all modern IP door access controls, video cameras and paging devices. With the FIND ME FOLLOW ME feature one would avoid missed calls, as it is a flexible call handling solution which ensures reachability. The school personnel can be anywhere on campus grounds and not worry about missing an important call.

Another great feature is Epygi's DIAL and ANNOUNCE (D&A) service, which would allow calls to be placed to a set of specified numbers and play recorded messages. It would help school personnel to automate the process of mass notification of staff and students of specific situations (medical, weather, hostile).

To learn more about what other features come with Epygi’s School Solution, please go here.


Feature Spotlight: Alert Notifications for Emergency Calls

Alert Notifications

Epygi has recently enhanced the capability of tracing emergency calls and promptly sending notifications to designated personnel.

The newly added Call Alert feature allows to detect when someone is dialing an emergency call center, such as 911 or some other emergency number. Multiple emergency numbers may be created, whether it is a number for a medical emergency or fire or building security. These types of outbound calls will use specific routing rules and when the call is made, certain notifications, in the form of email alerts, SMSs or voice mails will be sent to designated staff notifying them that someone just dialed an emergency number.

Such notifications include detailed information on the emergency calls, showing the exact date/time and the QX extension, which was used to make the call.

This type of functionality would be very useful for schools, hotels, hospitals and for any large organization with many employees. The authorities would save time by knowing right away from which building, which extension and when the call was made.

An emergency can occur anytime, anywhere and it needs to be handled immediately and efficiently.

Epygi Added Support for SNMPv3


In its latest software release Epygi is offering support for the SNMPv3 with more enhanced security. It is very important to properly and efficiently implement SNMPv3 and it is highly recommended to ensure the security of the SNMP usage.

With the SNMPv3 support, Epygi has added cryptographic security and remote configuration enhancements. Its new security features are:

  • Providing confidentiality through the encryption of packets to block intruders from the outside.
  • Assuring message integrity by protecting packets with a protection mechanism.
  • Ensuring that the message is from a reliable source.

While managing SNMP configurations it is important to not overlook the concept of its security and reduce the likelihood of being compromised by unprotected SNMP.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to

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