April 2018 Newsletter

MIA Telecoms

Epygi Extends Reach in South Africa with MIA Telecoms

Epygi is excited to announce a new partnership with MIA Telecoms, one of the major telecom leaders and distributors in South Africa.

MIA offers a great value backed by high quality products and innovative solutions. MIA Telecoms was established to provide the most professional communication systems, allowing companies to function more efficiently. The MIA team has over 20 years of providing Telecommunications and IT solutions in the South African marketplace.

"Epygi looks forward to serving customers in South Africa through our new partnership with MIA Telecoms, a company who shares our passion for exceptional service and support. Together we offer elevated UC solutions to the region," said Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi Technologies.

For more information about Epygi's new distributor, MIA Telecoms, click here.


New, Enhanced Options in Parent-Child Group Configuration

New Options

Epygi's Parent-Child group feature allows a number of Child extensions to be assigned to a Parent extension. When the phone(s) configured as a Child extension make an outbound call, the Caller ID will look as though the call was originated from the Parent extension. Incoming calls to the Parent extension will also ring all the Child extensions. This is a great option for telecommuters that have a remote extension and also an extension at the office.

Receptionists can also benefit from this feature when they answer calls from different desks. Hotels with multiple phones in a single room can also use this option.

Due to several requests, Epygi has enhanced the Parent-Child feature to "Allow Concurrent Calls to Parent-Child Group" and will work as follows:

  • If this option is enabled, incoming calls will continue to ring the other available phones in the group when one of the phones in the Parent-Child group is busy or rejects the call.
  • If disabled, if any of the phones in the Parent-Child group are busy then incoming calls will follow the busy state rules (busy forwarding, call queue, VMS, etc.) depending on what is configured for the Parent extension.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to sales@epygi.com.

More Htek UC 900 Series IP Phones are Now Interoperable with QX IP PBXs


Epygi has expanded the list of Htek phones that fully interop with the QX line of products. The successful completion of an interoperability testing and auto-provisioning of Htek's UC900 series IP phones assures that Epygi's end-users can now choose from a wide variety of Htek phones which would help them increase communication efficiency and productivity.

With the upcoming software release more Htek IP phones from UC900 series including UC902, UC903, UC912G, UC912, UC923, UC924, UC924E, UC926 and UC926E models can be efficiently auto provisioned by QX IP PBXs.

Htek's UC900 series IP phones offer leading edge telephony features and customizable options intended to fit every user requirement. The series includes basic desktop phones for call center operators, multi-line advanced devices for receptionists, and high-quality audio conferencing IP phones for executives.

Going forward Epygi would be constantly expanding its list of supported IP Phones, making sure more new and current models have been tested and provisioned properly for your convenience.

Send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.

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