June 2018 Newsletter

Call Recording

Epygi's Call Recording – Empowered with More Options

With the release of the latest QX software Epygi has empowered its Call Recording feature with better recording storage option. The enhancement concerns the Mixed mode option in the Recording Storage Settings and is designed to make the Call Recordings safer.

In the past this mode allowed to save the recorded calls locally and was sending them to the remote server only if the local storage was reaching its maximum limit.

With this new functionality of the Mixed mode option, the recordings would be automatically saved locally and sent to an FTP server simultaneously, thus a copy of each recording would always be safely saved on a remote location, making sure that the user has always a copy of the call recordings.

Send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.


Feature Highlight: Remote Extension Configuration


Remote Extensions can be ideal for those home offices with only a few employees. For these employees it makes more sense to configure them as remote extensions than to install another PBX.

You can save time and money by configuring Remote Extensions as they have the same feature capabilities as a local extension. Additional savings are gained by eliminating the need for PSTN trunks at the satellite offices.

For more information, please access the Remote Extension Configuration User Guide by visiting our support portal at support.epygi.com. Then use your log-in and password to view the Remote Extension Configuration User Guide.

Introducing Twilio as an Alternative SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Epygi's customers are currently using the Clickatell SMS Gateway, which is considered to be one of the leading global mobile messaging services empowered with more than 1000 global networks. It is a powerful SMS platform allowing business communications to be effectively transmitted.

With the upcoming QX software release, Epygi will introduce an alternative SMS Gateway, the Twilio API, which will be a great alternative SMS Gateway for its customers worldwide. The users will have the flexibility of choosing either the Twilio or Clickatell SMS Gateways to send and receive notifications about the diverse system events, emergency calls and alerts via SMS.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.

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