July 2018 Newsletter

Cloud Solution

Epygi's Cloud Solution - EASY to Use, AFFORDABLE and SIMPLE

Haven't you tried our UNIFIED CLOUD SOLUTION yet? Then Hurry Up!

TRY it BEFORE you BUY, all for FREE and when you decide to purchase it, you can get it at a very Special Price now!

The Epygi Cloud QX Service (ecQX) is a Unified Communications Solution in a CLOUD. It is an IP PBX platform that only requires any type of SIP phones at the customer premise and a SIP trunk connection to the PSTN using any carrier. Thus, providing a stable platform for companies to safely migrate their communications to CLOUD and start benefiting from CLOUD TELEPHONY.

ecQX is enhanced with a wide range of call answering and call management features, like call transfer, music on hold, call routing, audio conferencing and auto attendant with customizable scenarios. The Epygi Cloud Monitoring (ecMON) and Epygi Cloud Directory service (ecDS) are additional services available in the CLOUD, enriching the ecQX and QX IP PBX with extra monitoring and calling capabilities.

ecMON provides the ability to monitor and report the system events from an ecQX or QX IP PBX to the system administrator. ecDS allows to have a centralized virtual phone directory accessible via a WEB browser.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription and the maximum number of IP extensions can be over 1,000. There are no long-term contracts or activation fees with Epygi. You pay every month and can cancel anytime.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.


Feature Highlight: Call Forwarding Notification Options


The Epygi QX PBXs have a vast amount of features and user specific options. While most users will only use the basic set of features for day to day call handling, there are many options in the system that when used, can be very helpful, and possibly even save the user or company money.

One such feature are the options to be notified when calls are Call Forwarded. This might not seem like a big deal but take the following as an example. A customer calls in to the primary sales number, which is to ring several phones in the office to alert the sales staff of the call. The customer is eagerly waiting to place their order and even has their credit card in hand. Unfortunately, the sales staff did not catch the call for whatever reason and it is forwarded to voicemail or to an after-hours service. The customer is needing to speak with someone as the order is urgent and they are about to call a competitor.

Since the call was forwarded using Call Forward No Answer, the Sales Director was able to receive a text message and/or an email and was notified of the customer’s missed call and caller Id. A prompt returned call resulted in a sale that otherwise would have gone to a competitor.

Features like these can save time, and often save money, resulting in very happy customers all around.

Enhance the Security of Your QX Devices


Epygi customers are accustomed to receiving regular software updates free of charge that include new features, enhancements and problem fixes.

We have recently posted a new software release for the QX product lines that will need to be installed by all customers. The update includes several security enhancements to thwart an upswing in malicious activity we have seen in the field.

The update should especially be installed in any site that has been granted open HTTP or HTTPS access without restrictions in the system Firewall settings to allow access from only a group of friendly IP addresses.

Many of our customers have chosen to purchase Epygi systems because of the security enhancements that are available and today's release will provide additional security measures against those trying to gain front door access using HTTP or HTTPS from their web browser.

Send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.

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