August 2018 Newsletter

Call Center

Epygi Releases Its Latest Enhancements for Call Centers

Starting with its latest 6.2.23 QX software, Epygi has further enhanced its call center solution to allow customers to take full control of the call center with modernized options to allow better real-time viewing and monitoring. The enhancements are available on the EAC (Epygi ACD Console) web application, with additional updates to the reporting capability.

The Dashboard menu has been completely modified. For FW version 6.2.23 the ACD Admin can select from a wide array of statistics to display for the selected Queue(s), to be shown on a single screen. The modernized view will show previous options along with several new options:

  • The "Oldest Call Waiting" displays the current wait time for the oldest call. It is the length of time (in seconds) the oldest ACD call has waited in queue or ringing before being answered.
  • "Queue Wait (avg)" is showing the total Queue Wait Duration for Abandoned calls / Total Abandoned Calls - the average time a caller waited before hanging up.
  • "Answered Speed" is showing the Total Waiting Time/Total Answered calls - The average time calls waited in queue and ringing before an agent answered.

Added a new Calls menu to show the active calls for the currently logged in agent. The Calls menu has the same functionality as the Dashboard menu in the QX FW versions below 6.2.23.

Added a new Agent Tracing report which shows the agent activities, detailing the sequential status changes and calls for the selected agent(s), queue(s) and timeframe(s).

Added new values (Every two, three and four minutes) for the Auto Reload Queue Statistics option. The Settings menu has been improved and updated.

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Haven't you Tried Our CLOUD-Based Monitoring Tool YET?

Monitoring Tool

Epygi's ecMON (Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service) is a centralized monitoring tool which is now available on Epygi's CLOUD portal. It is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs, regardless if they are on-premise or in CLOUD.

ecMON, this cloud-based monitoring tool is a PERFECT SOLUTION for companies of all sizes. An effective automatic monitoring tool is always needed for properly managing the complex infrastructures, cloud-based services and most importantly for ensuring the availability of the company's business-critical voice network.

Once configured, all active QX IP PBXs will be shown in a centralized directory with some key configuration settings and performance parameters.

Conveniently accessible via a WEB browser, the ecMON’s centralized directory will provide real-time event notifications on the application statuses which are running on QXs at that specific timeframe and can quickly access detailed graphical charts for more information and data analysis.

ecMON combined with ecQX and on-premise QX solutions becomes the best monitoring solution of both worlds.

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Feature Spotlight: Emergency Call Interruption

Emergency Call Interruption

Epygi QX IP PBXs are enriched with a complete range of call management features and tools but Call Waiting is one of the most frequently used options. It alerts the user that they have an incoming call, while on an active call, allowing them to place the current call on hold in order to answer the incoming call and afterwards switch back to the original caller if needed.

However, there are extenuating circumstances due to emergency situations, when the caller would need to talk to the called person right away, without any delay and without time to place the current on hold and switching callers.

The QX IP PBX's Emergency Interrupt feature is available for free to all extensions by default. It is based on the originators Caller ID and is specifically designed for emergency cases. The user can pre-configure caller IDs for a number of important callers who would be allowed to call and reach them directly, even by interrupting an active call.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to for more information.

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