December 2018 Newsletter

New Year

Best Wishes for the New Year from Epygi Team!

2018 has been a great and eventful year for Epygi! Our multi-feature ecQX CLOUD BASED SOLUTIONS was warmly welcomed by our customers. We have been getting many positive reviews and feedback. It perfectly complements our on-premise offerings, comes at a reasonable price fueled with advanced UC feature set.

We can proudly boast with our IDEAL portfolio of IP PBX appliances, which constantly get new features and enhancements. Starting with the QX20 and wrapping-up with the QX3000, our enterprise IP PBX, Epygi has a solution for almost every communications need. The QX20 is great for very small offices and the QX500 fills the gap for offices with more than two hundred employees. As for the QX3000, it is engineered to service large offices of up to 3000 users and to support up to 500 concurrent calls. With the award winning QX50, QX200 and our QX line of gateways now you have it all under ONE VENDOR.

As we continue to advance, we want to thank all of our Value-Added Integrators and Distributors for their continual efforts and support which have greatly contributed to our success over the past year. We hope you share our excitement in the release of many new products over the coming year. From everyone at Epygi Technologies, we hope that you have a happy holiday season.


Epygi and DID Logic Announce Interoperability Partnership

DID Logic

Epygi and DID Logic, provider of international voice termination and DIDs, announce their partnership after successful interoperability configuration and testing, enabling Epygi customers to place outbound PSTN calls via any of the worldwide DID Logic gateways.

The successful interoperability testing guarantees full operation of Epygi's products enabling Epygi's customers to focus on delivering reliable VoIP solutions. In no time, the clients can configure their DID Logic number and trunk capacity for use with any of Epygi's QX series.

Jason Cheung, Enterprise Infrastructure Director at DID Logic said: "We are extremely pleased to announce the partnership with Epygi, an international IP PBX and VoIP gateways manufacturer. We express a strong confidence that our joint solution will be an excellent choice for businesses, who value the highest quality and reliability in telecommunications."

To learn more about this partnership go here.

Introducing QX Phone Book Service Enhancements

QX Phone Book

Epygi's Phone Book service, is a great tool which allows the user to make split-second calls, by just clicking on the contact's name from the phone's Local Directory. The contacts can be extensions on the QX, as well as external destinations. The list of contacts can be generated using a special configuration option in the extensions' management directory or by creating and uploading the contacts' list in a separate CSV file onto the QX IP PBX. Combining both mentioned methods is applicable as well.

In the upcoming QX Software release Epygi's Phone Book service will be introduced to our customers with an enhancement which will make its usage even better. The new feature will allow the users to easily upload a pre-defined list of contacts and edit them using the QX GUI. If needed one can easily export the list for further usage.

An entire company will use one, unified phone book, while still maintaining the privacy of each contact.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to for more information.

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