Epygi Cloud-Based Solution

Innovative Cloud Solution with Powerful Capabilities

Cloud Solution


Epygi's new-era CLOUD Communication solution provides a stable ground for companies to safely migrate their communications to CLOUD and start benefiting from the CLOUD TELEPHONY.

It is a UNIFIED CLOUD SOLUTION which includes all the necessary services and features for any type of business, from SMB to large enterprises. It consists of the following cloud-based services: Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX) and Epygi Cloud Monitoring (ecMON).

ecQX is an IP PBX platform with wide range of call answering and call management features, like call transfer, music on hold, call routing, audio conferencing and auto attendant with customizable scenario. ecMON is an additional service available in the CLOUD, enriching the ecQX and QX IP PBX with extra monitoring capabilities. ecMON provides the ability to monitor and report the system events on the ecQX and QX IP PBX to system administrator.

Advanced features and services are available for extra monthly fee. These include additional audio conference participants, additional extensions, Call Recording, DCC Pro, Receptionist Console and Call Center features. For details on these services check our portal www.epygicloud.com.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription per extension. There are no long-term contracts or activation fees with Epygi. You pay at the beginning of the month and can cancel anytime. Very easy, affordable and simple.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to sales@epygi.com for more information.