Epygi Cloud Directory Service (ecDS)

Cloud-based Click-to-dial Service - Reliable and Easy to Use



Epygi always strives to stay up to date with ever-changing technology by constantly developing and offering new and innovative solutions for your business needs.

Reach your colleagues and customers quickly with the new click-to-dial service from Epygi. ecDS (Epygi Cloud Directory Service) is a cloud-based service that allows your company to make calls using the VoIP infrastructure you have already installed. You select a number from a list of contacts in the centralized virtual phone directory. By clicking on the selected contact, the service connects your phone to the destination's contact number.

Your contact list can be all of the PBX extensions on your QX PBX, as well as external numbers. This way the phone numbers can be accessible from anywhere and can be customized or forwarded exactly as required. You can have the call connected to your desk phone in your office, your home or your mobile number. The connection is done through the QX PBX in your office. All you need is a browser to log in to your individual account and start calling.

ecDS is a yearly subscription service and works in concert with your cloud ecQX or on-premise QX PBX.

It is sold thru Epygi distribution channels and is ideal for multi-location businesses that have more than one QX. With ecDS you can have a global company directory.

If you would like to try Epygi’s ecDS service, send us an EMAIL and we will let you give it a try.