Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service (ecMON)

A Cloud-based Effective Monitoring Solution for QX PBXs



An effective automatic monitoring tool is always needed for properly operating and managing the complex infrastructures, cloud-based services and most importantly for ensuring the availability of the company's business-critical voice network.

ecMON (Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service) is a cloud-based monitoring service which is part of the Epygi Cloud QX Service (ecQX). It is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs. Primarily designed for the Epygi SIP-based cloud PBXs – ecQX, the ecMON service is also used for monitoring the on-premise QX IP PBXs as well. It is a great tool for centralized monitoring and managing all active QX IP PBXs, regardless if they are on-premise or in CLOUD.

Once configured, all active QX IP PBXs will be shown in a centralized directory with some key configuration settings and performance parameters. Conveniently accessible via a WEB browser, the ecMON’s centralized directory will provide real-time event notifications on the application statuses which are running on QXs at that specific timeframe.

For cloud-based ecQXs the account for ecMON activation will automatically be generated when a reseller purchases ecQX from the https://www.epygicloud.com portal. For on-premise QX IP PBXs, the Epygi technical team would easily create an ecMON account.

ecMON makes it possible to efficiently monitor all active system events on all QX devices and report them to the system administrator. Among the reports shown is the status of registered phones, SIP trunks and even bad quality calls. These reports help to identify problems quickly and resolve them in a timely manner.

Epygi's ecMON tool enables the user to:

  • Review all currently active QXs in a centralized directory.
  • Get the key configuration settings of active QXs, such as the unique ID, hostname, FW version, uptime duration and the number of registered phones.
  • Evaluate the CPU utilization and get the number of simultaneous calls on QXs.
  • Get real-time notifications for system events that may affect the quality of services running on the QXs.
  • Identify and resolve issues on QXs in a timely manner.
  • Review over 70 system events regarding the services running on QXs.

ecMON combined with ecQX and on-premise QX solutions becomes the best monitoring solution of both worlds.