Epygi Cloud QX Service (ecQX)

Unified Communications Solution in CLOUD - Affordable, Flexible, Robust

Cloud QX


Epygi Cloud QX Service (ecQX) is a Unified Communications Solution in CLOUD. It is simply a cloud-based hosted IP PBX which will enable companies to replace their on premise phone system with a more flexible and affordable CLOUD solution in no time. It is a PBX platform that can be used with any type of SIP phone at the customer premise and a SIP trunk connection to the PSTN using any carrier. The move to a cloud-based solution is easily doable with the ecQX's auto-provisioning feature that allows companies to configure their phones easily. Moreover, for some IP phones the ecQX supports remote provisioning through a VPN tunnel, which bypasses all the NAT related problems, ensuring two-way reliable communication. Analog phones, using an Epygi QXFXS24 Gateway, can also be provisioned remotely through the VPN.

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All ecQX services are offered based on a monthly subscription per extension. Epygi makes it easy and affordable to sign up by offering services without any long term obligations, contracts or sign-up fees. The customer has the flexibility of paying per month and can cancel it at anytime, if desired. A variety of other advanced features can be obtained for an extra monthly fee, such as additional Audio Conference participants, additional Extensions, Call Recording, DCC Pro Receptionist Console and Call Center features.

Epygi Cloud Monitoring service (ecMON) is an additional tool available in the CLOUD which empowers the ecQX with more possibilities. ecMON is included in the ecQX service subscription and provides the ability to monitor over seventy different events on the ecQX and report them to the system administrator. Among those are the status of registered phones and SIP trunks as well as alarms when you have bad quality calls. These reports can help to identify problems quickly and resolve them in a timely manner. For more details on these services check our portal www.epygicloud.com.

ecQX is sold to integrators and resellers directly and not to end users. It comes with direct Epygi technical support through our portal. An instance of the ecQX is ordered and any advanced option can be included in the shopping cart. Ordering is very easy through our portal. Once ready, you will check out and make your payment via PAYPAL. Payments will be automatically charged per month to the PAYPAL account tied to the user on the Epygi portal.

Our ecQX has many advantages over other solutions:

  • Advanced Features and Optional Services
  • Backup Failover Option with Epygi QX Gateways
  • Monitoring and Alarm Reporting
  • Easy Provisioning and Top-Quality Support
  • No Contracts
  • Cost Savings

Epygi's ecQX cloud solution, with its wide variety of advanced features, offers enhanced functionality to any type of business, from SMB to large enterprise. It is the result of many years of Epygi experience in the market, obtained by offering the Quadro and QX embedded devices for on-premise installation. By combining ecQX with our QX on-premise solutions, Epygi provides you with the best of both worlds.