Rack Mount Kit

Epygi's Rack Mount Kit is designed with you in mind. The smaller, more modular QX products integrate seamlessly with the Rack Mount Kit, ultimately reducing clutter and maximizing space. With the exception of the 19-inch QX2000, Epygi's line of QX products simply slide into the rack mount and are secured with a thumb screw. The IP PBXs and Gateways consume minimal power, thus saving customers added expenses.

The kit, purchased separately from the IP PBXs and Gateways, includes two DC power cables for power redundancy. Power redundancy can be used on all QX products with the exception of the QXFXS24.

Please refer to the technical data sheets for our IP PBXs to see the maximum number of Gateways that can be interconnected.

QX IP PBXs and Gateways Configured as One Unified System

Gateways can be configured to a QX IP PBX as slaved devices through the IP PBX's GUI.

Unified System

QX Gateways Acting as Independent Units

Independently working Gateways can process calls off a network switch. The switch decides which Gateway receives each incoming and outgoing call.

Independent Units

QX Gateways Configured as Master-Slave System

The networking switch directs all incoming and outgoing calls to the master Gateway. The master Gateway can have up to three other similar Gateways slaved off of it. Once the master’s call processing volume hits, it will forward calls on to the next unit and so on. If one of the slave units fails, the other units will continue to process calls thus making it a redundant and reliable solution.

Master-Slave System