Free PBX Upgrade with Purchase of ISDN Gateway!

  • If you purchase an ISDN between now and January 31st 2021, you qualify for this special offer.

  • Each ISDN Gateway purchased will receive a free license key to upgrade it to a PBX system.

  • The ISDN+ is a full fledged PBX see more information here

The QXIDN4+ IP PBX is a full featured IP PBX and is designed for offices with as many as 48 users. The QXIDN4+ can support up to 48 IP devices and 16 concurrent calls. SIP trunking allows for the QXIDN4+ to connect directly to an ITSP with no additional equipment. The QXIDN4+ includes a firewall and SIP Intrusion Detection for optimal security.

The QXISDN4+ activation license key is available to purchase for the QXISDN4. Once the activation license key has been installed and activated, the Gateway will function as an IP PBX and cannot be changed back. The QXISDN4+ doesn’t support Audio In, Audio Out and a SD card.