Special Offer for Epygi QXIDN4 Gateway

This Gateway connects using 4 ISDN ports. It is ideal to convert legacy ISDN PBX devices to IP to extend the life of these devices at an excellent price point.

Purchase the ISDN GW and get it for FREE:

  1. PBX conversion license key
  2. ecMON (Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service) for 3 months

QXISDN4 gateway can be converted to a full PBX by installing the PBX conversion license key which you will get for free with your purchase.


Simply because if for some reason in the future you decide to have an IP PBX, instead of a gateway, then with the “magic” activation license key you can convert it into a full IP PBX. Thus, you will extend the life of this device at an excellent price point.

ecMON is an effective monitoring tool, a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs, regardless if they are on-premise or in CLOUD.

* The offer is valid until Dec 31st, 2021

Send an email at [email protected]