Support Plans

We look forward to supporting you with your new Epygi System.

If you're a registered Integrator and require direct support from Epygi, see below for our offerings. Be sure to register in order to gain access to the Channel Portal, which allows you to purchase support. We will help you choose the best option based on your specific needs.

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Paid Support

If you wish to purchase any of the support packages or professional services listed below, please login to the Channel Portal and click the Purchase Support link to complete the order. You may also contact the Epygi sales team at or +1.972.692.1166.

The following Paid Support options are available:

Single Incident Support - Integrator

  • A single incident request can be submitted through the online Channel Portal.
  • Response time: within 3 hours during normal working hours
  • No phone support
  • Cost: $75 USD per incident

Yearly Technical Support - Integrator

  • Integrators that have been validated by their Distributor and have an active Channel Partner status have the option of purchasing a yearly support plan for either ten or twenty incident requests per year, commencing when service has been paid. Allotted requests do not accrue from year to year.
  • Response time: within 24 hours
  • No phone support
  • Cost: $500 USD per year for twenty incidents
  • Cost: $200 USD per year for five incidents

Yearly Unlimited Technical Support - Integrator

  • Unlimited incident requests submitted through the online Channel Portal
  • Response time: within 3 hours during normal working hours.
  • Phone Support during normal working hours
  • No after-hours phone support
  • Cost: $1,000 USD per year

Professional Services Pre-Installation Support

This service consists of Epygi providing assistance for on an upcoming installation. Epygi will work with the certified Integrator in order to assess the customer's configuration and then develop a plan, resulting in a successful installation.

Services include the following:

  • Sales engineering to verify planned configuration
  • Pre-installation planning
  • Post-installation test plan
  • One hour installation support via instant messenger chat
  • Cost: Quoted

Professional Services Installation Support

This service consists of Epygi providing assistance for an upcoming installation. The support may be pre-arranged with Epygi to ensure dedicated assistance at the time of installation. This service may also be requested for emergency installation support due to unforeseen circumstances requiring immediate assistance.

  • Cost: Quoted

Technical Support Notes

  • General Notes

    Support is provided for the latest releases of software currently posted in the Channel Portal; however, Epygi can not guarantee a resolution to every incident reported.

  • Epygi Normal Working Hours

    GMT — 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

  • Response Time

    The time required to provide the first reply to the inquiry that is directly related to answering the request. Assistance provided through live online assistance will also count as a single 'incident.'

  • Incident

    Epygi defines a single support incident as an issue that focuses on one aspect of the product – e.g. use of a specific documented feature of the product or assistance with a specific problem or error message. While this issue may involve other aspects of the product, addressing other aspects constitutes a separate issue and requires an additional support incident. A single support incident may involve multiple phone calls, emails and off-line research. Epygi Support consultants are responsible for determining what characterizes a support incident.

  • Product Defect

    Epygi defines a product defect as any technical aspect or functionality of a product that does not execute or deliver results as documented in the supplied product documentation. Unexpected behavior that can be isolated to a user's specific configuration or environment does not constitute a product defect. Epygi Technical Support may provide troubleshooting suggestions for unexpected behavior in these cases; however, Epygi is not responsible for the resolution of any such behavior. An issue is recognized as a product defect only after it has been reproduced in steps provided by the customer and has been confirmed by an Epygi Support Consultant. A support ticket that results in a software update, or an RMA being issued for a unit under warranty, will not be charged as an incident.

  • Documentation Error

    Epygi defines a documentation error as any inaccurate information or instruction provided in the documentation accompanying the product. Accompanying documentation includes user manuals, release notes and Epygi product support site documents and manuals. Epygi does not provide support or assume responsibility for any reference materials published by Epygi Partners.