Integrate Epygi PBX with ZohoCRM

With Epygi’s on-premise and cloud PBXs integrated with Zoho, you’ll expand the tool-set of your customers with features such as click-to-dial, screen pop-ups for incoming and outgoing call information, registration of all calls inside the Zoho platform. It is compatible with ZohoCRM via Zoho PhoneBridge.

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Incoming Call Information

When call arrives to agent’s phone, the pop-up window in Zoho screen displays the calling customer’s detailed information, helping the agent to prepare before answering the call.

Call from Zoho

The user may easily initiate the call from Zoho screen clicking on the phone number in the customer’s record.

Storing call detail logs on Zoho

For better tracking all call detail logs generated by Epygi PBX are being sent to Zoho for storing with customers’ information.

Never miss a call

Epygi PBX in redundancy configuration integrated with ZohoCRM allows to have a high availability system. The system will always be up for making the outbound calls and receiving the inbound calls.