Winter Park, Florida, USA, (December 14, 2018) – Epygi Technologies, a worldwide provider of Integrated Communications Solutions, is excited to announce that in its new release, Epygi’s favorite mobile application, iQall, has been enhanced with a modern user-interface and new advanced features.

iQall uses the Epygi IP PBXs to establish calls between your smartphone and the dialed numbers anywhere in the world. The IP PBX will place an initial call to your smartphone before connecting to the dialed number, therefore the call to your smartphone will be free if you have a mobile service plan with free inbound calls. Also, since the connection to the dialed number is established by the IP PBX, you don’t need to pay for that connection on your smartphone, even for long-distance and international calls.

One of iQall’s newly introduced features is the Voice Mail Notifications/Mailbox Checking, which will send new voicemail notifications to the iQall application installed on your smartphone, thus notifying that a voicemail is received in the mailbox for the iQall associated extension on the QX IP PBX. You can then easily access the mailbox of the iQall extension on IP PBX.

The other enhancement is the Missed Calls Notifications feature. You will get missed call notifications to the iQall application installed on your smartphone informing you of the missed calls to the iQall extension on the IP PBX.

There will be only one – iQall Advanced Features license key, needed to cover the two new options along with Epygi’s old time favorite, the iQall Mobile Toggling feature, which allows to alternate the call from your smartphone running iQall to your desk phone without the call being dropped.

Please note, the iQall Advanced Features license key will only be available for Epygi QX IP PBXs, both premise and cloud-based. The new iQall options will currently only be available for Android smartphones. Stay tuned for when the iOS release will be available.

Overall, Epygi’s iQall mobile application allows to reduce company’s mobile phone costs and increase productivity.

About Epygi Technologies

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