Epygi Call Center Solution

Epygi’s call center solution combines functions that provide all the necessary features for a dedicated or small corporate call center. Our web-based tools, directly integrated with our PBX appliances, enable call center agents to work seamlessly from company premises or remote locations. This flexibility allows agents and supervisors to freely manage their presence in queues, enabling them to log in or out of the call center as needed. This setup empowers them to efficiently handle calls, review detailed statistics, and collaborate via chat to discuss customer-related issues. Additionally, our solution offers valuable features, including the ability for agents to flag each call and include follow-up topics or action items for later review and follow-up, enhancing productivity and customer service.

    • Versatile Call Management: Epygi’s Call Center solution handles both inbound and outbound calls, accommodating diverse call requirements.
    • Compatible Platforms: It seamlessly integrates with QX PBX appliances and ecQX Cloud PBX, ensuring applicability across different setups.
    • In-Depth Data Insights: Users gain access to comprehensive statistics available in both real-time and historical formats. Additionally, the users can download data for further analysis and reporting.
    • Improved Caller Engagement:  Callers waiting in queues benefit from a seamless and improved experience.

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), the Automatic Outbound Calling (AOC), and the Epygi ACD Console (EAC) are
the licensable features that will help you build a powerful communication bridge between organizations and customers. ACD efficiently manages high-volume inbound calls, queuing them and distributing them among available agents in call centers. AOC, a web-based application, oversees and regulates automatic outbound call sessions on QX. EAC, another web application, monitors agents’ activities, stores and formats data, and generates real-time statistical reports.

It equips call center management with essential real-time data to monitor call queues effectively. Supervisors can be assigned to queues, empowering them to oversee and control agent activities and access detailed reports. The system enables call recording and permits supervisors to join active calls between agents and customers for quality assurance. Whether remotely or locally, agents can handle call center calls and regular extension calls using their standard phones.

Epygi’s call center solution guarantees exceptional customer service for companies.

Such as:

  • Efficient Call Handling: Epygi’s call center solution streamlines call management by promptly placing calls into appropriate queues and dispatching them to available agents.
  • Effective Call Routing: The system ensures calls are recognized, answered, and routed efficiently, optimizing the customer experience.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Users can monitor queues, access agent details, and chat with agents in real-time, enabling proactive support.
  • Robust Reporting: Epygi’s solution empowers businesses with real-time and historical reports, providing valuable insights for enhancing customer service strategies.
  • Great Customer Service: With Epygi, companies can consistently deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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