Epygi Hospitality Solution

Epygi’s hotel solution works with small or large hotels and includes the following

  • Use IP phones in reception, service areas and administration.
  • Use cost effective analog hotel phones on the hotel rooms.
  • Activate room phone, clear voice mail, wake up call and do room call billing.
  • Connect wireless DECT phones for mobile staff.
  • Use phones to manage door access control.
  • Use phone to monitor and communicate through surveillance cameras.
  • Activate notifications to hotel guests via flexible paging system.
  • Click to dial on your WEB site for customer service.

Improve customer service, be more connected and secure. These initiatives can be done through:

  • QX IP PBX(s) as the main platform
  • Epygi Hotel Console (EHC), user-friendly Windows based application practical for small hotel
  • SW connector CHAR to connect to any PMS SW in the market (offered thru 3rd party) and practical for large hotels.
  • QXFXS24 gateway to tie the hotel’s room analog phones to VoIP
  • Hotel Phones, IP or analog, interoperable with Epygi QXs
  • Door access control devices and security cameras (offered thru 3rd party)

Epygi has more than 18 years experience in PBX systems and with our feature rich products you have a selection of functions ideal for the hospitality industry.

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