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Why You and Other Global Integrators are Choosing Epygi:

“It’s fascinating to watch the mushrooming advancements of Epygi products.”

We’ve been creating IP PBXs and Gateways since the beginning of the VoIP evolution. We continue to stay ahead of the curve by making advancements based on feedback from our Integrators and anticipating what our customers want.

“Epygi offers local presence, good service and reliability.”

The driving force behind our company is our world-class support. Not only do we manufacture reliable systems with available support packages, but we stay in constant communication with our Integrators in order to get your constructive feedback for future innovations.

“Epygi is definitely a business solution.”

Epygi’s products complement what you’re already selling by enhancing your current product offering. Our products are inexpensive, while still providing a wide variety of features, and can be easily adjusted to the needs of the end-user. We have the ability to configure our equipment features in order to tailor them specifically to any business model.

“I can turn their products into play-dough, providing what’s best for the consumer based on what I know.”

Because Epygi provides open standard products, end-users have the ability to integrate many different manufacturers, which allows customers to buy any phone off the shelf. This flexibility allows end-users to find exactly what they need for their business in regards to product and price.

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