August 2023 Newsletter

Elevate Remote Work with eQall: Your Employees' Complete Home Office Solution Step into the future of remote work with our solution, designed to seamlessly replace your employees' traditional desk phones, delivering a comprehensive home office experience. Efficiency is at the forefront with our integrated company and personal directories, ensuring swift access and significant [...]

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July 2023 Newsletter

Great, Affordable Prices for Epygi Cloud PBX Cease your concerns and embrace greater value at lower costs. Unleash the potential of your investments through Epygi's cloud solutions. By optimizing your communication expenses, you can achieve more with less. In our pursuit of providing utmost user flexibility and enhancing affordability, Epygi presents ecQX cloud [...]

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June 2023 Newsletter

Hotel Solution: We've Got It! Epygi's Hotel solution is specifically designed for small and mid-sized hotels, perfectly compatible with Epygi's QX IP PBXs. This comprehensive solution empowers hotel management and staff by providing the following features: Use IP phones in reception, service areas, and administration for seamless communication. Implement cost-effective analog hotel phones in [...]

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May 2023 Newsletter

Feature Highlight: ecMON’s Remote GUI Access ecMON, Epygi’s cloud-based monitoring tool, serves as a web application platform for centralized monitoring of Epygi QX IP PBXs, regardless of their location (on-premise or in the cloud). Using a web browser, users can conveniently access ecMON, which provides real-time event notifications for QX application statuses. Moreover, [...]

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April 2023 Newsletter

Feature Highlight: Voice Message Notifications Epygi provides a valuable feature that enables the sending of voice message notifications via phone calls to notify the user of a new voice mail and to listen to the message. This is particularly useful for businesses, especially when it comes to sending out emergency alerts. The Emergency [...]

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March 2023 Newsletter

New Feature - eQall SMS Messaging The feature allows an eQall softphone registered on the QX’s IP line to send and receive messages globally via the mobile carriers’ Short Messaging Service. It is a very convenient way to communicate and send short messages quickly and easily via your eQall, without having to make [...]

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February 2023 Newsletter

Epygi Supports Avaya J Series Phones Epygi compares well to Avaya's on-premise and cloud solution offerings. Avaya J series open SIP phones are now tested with QX and ecQX cloud IP PBXs. This further expands our list of compatible endpoints that work with our QX PBX products, thus giving end users additional flexibility [...]

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January 2023 Newsletter

Great, Affordable Prices for Epygi Cloud PBX Stop worrying; get more for less. Maximize the value of your investments. Optimize and reduce your communication costs with Epygi cloud solutions. To give our users more flexibility and a better margin on the price, Epygi offers the ecQX cloud features in a couple of convenient [...]

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December 2022 Newsletter

Best Wishes for the New Year from Your Epygi Team! Epygi would like to wish our partners and their families a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness! 2022 has been a great and eventful year for Epygi. Our QX products family has been enriched with two new [...]

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November 2022 Newsletter

Feature Highlight: ecMON's Remote GUI Access ecMON, Epygi's Cloud-based Monitoring tool, is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs, regardless if they are on-premise or in CLOUD. Conveniently accessible via a WEB browser, ecMON will provide real-time event notifications on QX application statuses. It also allows remote web [...]

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