September 2022 Newsletter

eQall Softphone – Got a New Feature In the upcoming QX software release, eQall will have a new great feature available for its numerous users. It will allow the users to customize the color of the application's banner per their taste. Combining this with the eQall's custom logo feature will enable users to [...]

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August 2022 Newsletter

Looking for a Great VoIP Solution for Schools? Epygi Has One! Investment in reliable and cost-effective unified communications is vital nowadays. Epygi's feature-rich communications solutions offer the tools for maintaining a value-added communications network and a secure educational environment. Would you like to: Reduce Administrative Costs? Increase School Safety and Security? Improve Efficiency? [...]

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July 2022 Newsletter

Auto Dialer Application Got a "Makeover" Epygi Auto Dialer's graphical user interface has been enhanced and modernized. It is a PC-based application designed to work with Epygi IP PBXs of QX and UC line. Auto Dialer will call via IP PBX to the pre-defined numbers with the option of playing audio messages and [...]

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June 2022 Newsletter

Epygi's Multicast Paging The Multicast Paging solution allows users to easily and quickly broadcast an instant audio announcement to a pre-defined group of phones who are subscribed to a specific multicast paging group. There is no limit to the number of paging endpoints. The phone can play the announcement when the phone is [...]

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May 2022 Newsletter

ecMON, Epygi's Cloud-based Monitoring Tool ecMON is a cloud-based monitoring service that is part of the Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX). It is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs. Primarily designed for the Epygi SIP-based cloud PBXs – ecQX, the ecMON service is also used for monitoring the [...]

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April 2022 Newsletter

Meet our New QX Family Members QX60 and QX100 There are two new additions to our QX IP PBX family, the QX60 and QX100. They offer a great price per extension value for users that do not need FXS and FXO ports. With the ability to support 20 concurrent calls, the QX60 IP [...]

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March 2022 Newsletter

Your MS Teams Users Can Make Calls via Epygi PBX Are you an Epygi product user? Then you can fully enjoy MS Teams calling capabilities. Epygi QX IP PBXs (both hardware appliances and virtual instances) can be configured with Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing to make calls between the QX IP PBX extensions [...]

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February 2022 Newsletter

MSPs – We've Got the Best VoIP for YOU Epygi has the right solution for managed service providers (MSPs). They can benefit from working with a single vendor and deliver both, feature-rich cloud and premise-based products. The benefits you will get: Excellent factory support Good margins on cloud and appliances Use your own [...]

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January 2022 Newsletter

Feature Highlight: PIN Barring Epygi Calling Cost Control has a PIN barring option which greatly enhances the flexibility and usability of the Calling Cost Control on the Epygi IP PBXs of QX and UC line. The PIN barring feature allows assigning and managing credits on the PIN codes configured in the QX Local [...]

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December 2021 Newsletter

Epygi Cloud-Based Solution - Try Before You Buy - For FREE Haven't you tried yet? Then Hurry Up! Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX) is a hosted PBX service provided by Epygi directly to resellers. It offers the complete set of features available in our QX appliances. Basic activation starts with 5 Phone Extensions and [...]

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