Pay SMART and SAVE Big

Epygi’s Call Center Solution offers advanced tools for a more sophisticated and multi-functional call center solution.

Get 25%-45% OFF of MSRP on our popular Call Center SW bundles. If you are not sure about spending the money on each feature separately, then we have a SOLUTION. With our SPECIAL OFFER you get the choice of buying Epygi’s licensable features for your call center in a bundle for much lesser price. The new feature bundles are as following:

  1. QX Call Center Bundle Basic – EAC Single User, ACD, 8 Port Call Recording, Barge-In Applicable for QX50 and QX200
  2. QX Call Center Bundle Advanced 5 Users – EAC 5 Users, AOC 1 User, 8 Port Call Recording, Barge-In Applicable for all QX IP PBXs except for QX20
  3. QX Call Center Bundle Advanced 10 Users – EAC 10 Users, AOC 5 Users, 16 Port Call Recording, Barge-In Applicable for all QX IP PBXs except for QX20

If you would like to get more details, then send your inquiries to [email protected].

QX2000 Reached End of Life

Epygi has just made available its latest software releases for QX IP PBXs (version 6.2.40), including the QX2000 (version 6.2.41). Since the QX2000 has reached the End of Life status, this will be the last general release that will be made available. Several years ago the QX2000 was replaced with the much more powerful QX3000. With January 2018 being the last shipping date for the QX2000, Epygi will follow its End of Life Cycle policy, providing only critical software updates for the QX2000 until January 2022. Please contact the Epygi Sales team with any questions.

Epygi’s Conference – Ensures Global Communications Coverage

Epygi’s conferencing solution will enable employees to collaborate and make the time spent on conference calls to be more productive and worth the time spent.

With our high-quality video and audio capabilities you can give your remote team members the possibility of conducting real time discussions from anywhere.

Eye-to-eye customer consultations and productive problem solving sessions can also be conducted with Epygi’s reliable and affordable conferencing solution.

Epygi’s conferencing solution is available on all QX IP PBXs and consists of two licensable features: Audio Conference and Video Conference.

To learn more about our solution, please go here .

We have a Failover Solution for Your Telephony System

Minimize your system’s downtime and data loss by securing your telephony system with Epygi’s Gateway Hosted Survivability feature.

This amazing feature to the gateway collection is your failover solution. It allows for your business to continue to make and receive internal calls or calls to PSTN, even when your broadband connection to a hosted platform has been lost.

With this feature enabled, the QXFXO4and QXE1T1 gateways, installed in the company’s network, serve as a secondary registrar server for IP phones connected to hosted platform. When the broadband to the hosted platform fails, the gateway takes the lead and routes the calls from/to IP phones. If needed, the calls from PSTN can be easily terminated on the gateway’s Auto Attendant and routed from there to IP phones. For more information, please send an email to [email protected].