POTS Lines: Not Going Away Anytime Soon!

There is an ongoing major shift in the US telecommunications market to eliminate the PSTN analog POTS lines often delivered by copper wires from carriers to businesses.

Clearly, the cost of these ports has risen over the years and it makes a lot of sense to use SIP trunks on these ports moving forward. However, there are some analog phone connections that cannot be easily transitioned to SIP lines; such examples are elevator emergency phones, security and fire alarms that must be able to call dispatch centers in case of any triggers. Additionally, there are some service phones (many of which are wall-mounted) or emergency pull stations whose cabling and device conversions to SIP would not make practical sense. Finally, there are some POS devices that are older models and still use an analog connection.

By using our QX50, QX200 and UC80 PBX devices and our FXS24 GW gateways, one can connect to these ports and route calls to SIP trunks.

BTW, you can also make or receive calls to MS Teams from our gateways when connected to our PBX.

If you would like to get more details, then send your inquiries to [email protected].

Make Secure Calls with Epygi eQall Softphone

Epygi secures calls not only between its eQall softphone applications but also between eQall and third-party hardware IP phones supporting security feature. Security of the SIP signaling is provided by TLS (Transport Level Security) and encryption of the voice is provided by SRTP (Secure RTP) industry open standards. eQall provides two security options:

  1. only secure option, where both endpoints are required to make only secure calls
  2. hybrid option, where eQall makes unsecure calls but accepts both secure and unsecure calls

The latter option is for scenarios where the remote endpoint may support or not support the security option. The above mentioned options should be selected from the Epygi’s QX IP PBX GUI.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

More IP Phones are Now Interoperable with Epygi QX IP PBXs

We are excited to announce that Epygi has recently expanded the list of IP phones which can be efficiently auto-configured by our QX line of products. In the latest SW release we have added PnP and auto-configuration support for the new Polycom Trio 8500 Conference phone and for the new Yealink VP59 Videophone. We have also added Receptionist support for the Polycom VVX 450 IP phone.

The above-mentioned IP phones provide an affordable and scalable, on-site solution for employee mobility; allowing companies to offer a reliable device to its employees that enables them to keep in touch with colleagues and customers whenever they may be away from their desk, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

With all the benefits of VoIP, the newly supported phones extend the reach of the voice communications without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security.

Going forward Epygi will be constantly expanding its list of supported IP Phones, making sure more new and current models have been tested and provisioned properly for your convenience.

To learn more about the list of Epygi supported IP Phones, please contact us.

Epygi Trainings

Epygi offers resources for all levels of expertise.

  • For those who would like to know more about Epygi products, user scenarios and have the opportunity to ask questions real-time, we offer the free Sales and Technical Webinars. During these webinars we provide information for how to set up your QX IP PBX and utilize Epygi’s feature rich solutions. To view the upcoming webinars and register, please click here.
  • For those with advanced knowledge and an interest in hands-on, in-person training we recommend our Three Day Technical Training led by our Director of Support. These sessions provide the opportunity for hands-on training with the QX line and attendees receive a QX50 and one free feature-rich IP phone to take with them. To learn more and register, please click here.