Epygi Provides the Public Transport Council of Costa Rica with the Best VoIP Solution

While striving to provide the best in transportation services, the Public Transport Council of Costa Rica (CTP), searched for the best in unified VoIP telecommunication systems. It chose to invest in a reliable and efficient phone network to replace their outdated phone systems. When researching the best VoIP telephony systems, CTP looked for reliable support and service, free intercompany calls and a reduction in their overall telecom costs.

CTP desired to improve its customer accuracy, maintain reliable multi-location office communication, add more than one SIP Trunk possibilities, have a Fax server and most importantly lower its high call costs; in short, all the latest features in IP phone systems. They found this in Epygi Technologies.

With the help of innovative telecommunication provider INTEL (Instalaciones Telefónicas), who are Authorized Epygi Distributors, only a week was required to successfully install the products and start benefiting from Epygi’s feature-rich VoIP solution.

Introducing Epygi’s Calling Duration Control Feature

Epygi continues to improve its products and feature set with customer requested enhancements. Users wanted to receive a notification when a call duration has been reached. As a result, Epygi has further enhanced the management capabilities of the call duration and call cost control features existing on its QX and ecQX PBX offerings.

Effective in the upcoming software release, the QX products will provide notification to PBX administrators via the system events log, email or SMS (or any combination of these) when the predefined limit for a call duration is reached. This solution also provides for an optional termination of the call upon reaching that limit.

We at Epygi expect these new choices will contribute to better management of customers’ resources and introduce added flexibility to QX call control.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Epygi’s Call Center Solution – Empowered with NEW Features

Epygi has further augmented the capabilities of its ACD call center solution. Starting with the upcoming software version, Epygi’s QX and ecQX PBXs will allow customers to take advantage of three new call center features to give callers more flexibility and choices while waiting to connect with an agent:

  • Playing Caller’s Position in Queue – This new enhancement is to inform the caller of his/her position in the queue. The queue administrator has additional control over this feature by specifying the exact call in the queue after which the position in queue message will be played.
  • Playing Estimated Wait Time – By announcing an approximate wait time, the caller can then make a decision to continue waiting in the queue or to take other actions, such as a dial zero option, call back later or to receive a call back, mentioned below.
  • ACD Call Back – When this feature is activated by the administrator, the caller is given a choice to receive a call back if they choose not to wait in the queue.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected].