Best Wishes and Special Offers for the New Year from Your Epygi Team!

2019 has been a great and eventful year for Epygi. Our QX products’ family have been enriched with a new enterprise model, the QX5000 IP PBX, which has dual power supplies and comes with 5000 extensions, over 700 external simultaneous calls and a large capacity of call recordings, audio conference and call center sessions.

We have also unveiled the eQall, a premier softphone, which offers more flexibility and perfectly complement our on-premise offerings.

It’s time to enjoy Epygi’s Seasons’ SPECIAL OFFERS. It will SAVE you MONEY and EASE the expenses during this holiday season. Don’t miss the chance and contact us!

  1. With the purchase of QXE1T1 or QXFXO4 gateways you will get the Gateway Hosted Survivability license key for 24 port IP phone registration (MSRP $250) for FREE. This allows phones to register and send/receive calls through the gateway in case of hosted PBX or network failures.
  2. There is a SALE for the QXFXS24 gateway. You can purchase this modular gateway at a much lower price, which will be about 36% off its regular price.

As we continue to advance, we want to thank all of our Value-Added Integrators and Distributors for their continual efforts and support which have greatly contributed to our success over the past year. We hope you share our excitement in the release of many new products over the coming year. From everyone at Epygi Technologies, we hope that you have a happy holiday season.

Epygi Launches eQall, a Premier Softphone Application

eQall is Epygi’s softphone available for Microsoft Windows and for mobile devices. It can be installed on a desktop PC, a laptop and a smartphone and will use the internet for making, receiving and transferring VoIP calls directly from your computer. With its easy-to-use interface it functions much the same way as any Epygi supported full-featured desk phone.

eQall is a full desk phone replacement and is intended to be used only with QX/UC PBX appliances and Epygi ecQX, the cloud based PBX. It registers as an extension to the QX/UC/ecQX system and operates like a normal PBX extension without the need for a desk SIP phone.

“We are very excited to roll out Epygi’s new softphone application eQall, which comes with a great user interface and a wide range of capabilities. It will certainly enable our users around the globe to collaborate more efficiently,” said Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi Technologies. “We are sure that the use of Epygi’s softphone alongside your VoIP solution is guaranteed to meet the needs of your growing business.”

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send an email to [email protected].

Epygi Feature Highlight: WebRTC Click2Call

The Epygi’s WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) Click2Call feature is now available on Epygi’s IP PBXs, the ecQX and also on QX3000 and QX5000 IP PBXs. This feature allows the website visitors to make WebRTC calls from a web browser to QX extensions or destinations external to QX. QX handles the calls initiated by the WebRTC Click2Call. Therefore, the phone numbers should match the routing rules specified in the Call Routing table of the QX.

To deliver a WebRTC call to the desired extension, the special mapping table needs to be configured on the QX. The records of that table should map the specific identifications used in the links to the phone’s numbers called by QX. Upon completing the mapping table configuration, you can successfully give the WebRTC URL for the desired links to anyone, via email, chat or SMS. Callers from outside your network, can simply click on the WebRTC URL, and reach the phone extension on the QX, Auto Attendant or any other phone number in the global PSTN network.

It would be of great convenience for your customers to be able to click a link on the web and call you straight from their browser without losing any time on dialing the number. Calls would be promptly routed to QX extensions or destinations allowing them to speak to the right person. To learn more about this feature, contact us.

Epygi Trainings

Epygi offers resources for all levels of expertise.

  • For those who would like to know more about Epygi products, user scenarios and have the opportunity to ask questions real-time, we offer the free Sales and Technical Webinars. During these webinars we provide information for how to set up your QX IP PBX and utilize Epygi’s feature rich solutions. To view the upcoming webinars and register, please click here.
  • For those with advanced knowledge and an interest in hands-on, in-person training we recommend our Three Day Technical Training led by our Director of Support. These sessions provide the opportunity for hands-on training with the QX line and attendees receive a QX50 and one free feature-rich IP phone to take with them. To learn more and register, please click here.