Epygi Supports Avaya J Series Phones

Epygi compares well to Avaya’s on-premise and cloud solution offerings. Avaya J series open SIP phones are now tested with QX and ecQX cloud IP PBXs.

This further expands our list of compatible endpoints that work with our QX PBX products, thus giving end users additional flexibility on what products they can use in their communications solutions.

Installations utilizing the Avaya J phone series can safely use Epygi without buying new endpoints.

Would like to explore the details? Send an email to [email protected].

Fanvil X and XU Series are Now Interoperable with QX IP PBXs

Epygi has recently expanded the list of IP phones which can be efficiently auto-configured by our QX and UC line of products.

In the upcoming SW release, we have added PnP and auto-configuration support for Fanvil X4U-V2/X5U-V2/X6U-V2/X7-V2/X7C-V2/X210-V2/X210i-V2 IP phones.

The high-end Fanvil X series IP Phones offer greater flexibility and productivity, thus helping users to exceed the different demands of businesses. As for the Fanvil X210-V2/X210i-V2, high-end enterprise IP phones are intended for users who need access to flexible and advanced features and handle medium to high call volumes in their daily work.

To learn more about the list of Epygi-supported IP Phones, please, send an email to [email protected].

Epygi Offers Data Security for Voice Mails and Call Recordings

Make sure your client’s data is safe and secure. Your recorded voice interactions with clients can be encrypted in transit.

We recently added support for sending voice mails or call recordings via email or FTP to a server as encrypted files. The receiving side should use the same technology for decrypting, thus ensuring that the data can be accessed when necessary in the future.

When data is emailed or stored in an encrypted format, it will be protected against unauthorized access.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, contact us.

Epygi Trainings

Epygi offers resources for all levels of expertise.

  • For those who would like to know more about Epygi products, user scenarios and have the opportunity to ask questions real-time, we offer the free Sales and Technical Webinars. During these webinars we provide information for how to set up your QX IP PBX and utilize Epygi’s feature rich solutions. To view the upcoming webinars and register, please click here.
  • For those with advanced knowledge and an interest in hands-on, in-person training we recommend our Three Day Technical Training led by our Director of Support. These sessions provide the opportunity for hands-on training with the QX line and attendees receive a QX50 and one free feature-rich IP phone to take with them. To learn more and register, please click here.