ecMON, Epygi’s Cloud-based Monitoring Tool

ecMON is a cloud-based monitoring service that is part of the Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX). It is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs. Primarily designed for the Epygi SIP-based cloud PBXs – ecQX, the ecMON service is also used for monitoring the on-premise QX and UC IP PBXs.

Once configured, all online QX PBXs will be shown in a centralized directory with some key configuration settings and performance parameters. Conveniently accessible via a WEB browser, ecMON will provide real-time event notifications on QX application statuses to the system administrator. Among the reports shown is the status of registered phones, SIP trunks and even bad quality calls. These reports help identify problems quickly and resolve them in a timely manner.

In ecMON one can easily monitor the IP phone usage on the QX instances, such as the quantity and models of the registered IP phones.

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More IP Phones are Now Interoperable with Our QX IP PBXs

Epygi has recently expanded the list of IP phones/DECT Base Stations which can be efficiently auto-configured by our QX and UC line of products.

In the new SW release, we have added PnP and auto-configuration support for the new Yealink W70B DECT IP Base Stations, and the new snom M900 DECT Multi-Cell Base Station.

We have also added auto-configuration support for the VTech CTM-S2415 and CTM-S2315 Contemporary SIP phones which will be a perfect option for today’s contemporary hotel rooms.

The above-mentioned IP phones and DECT Base Stations provide an affordable and scalable, on-site solution. With all the benefits of VoIP, the newly supported phones extend the reach of voice communications without any compromise in voice quality, availability, and security.

To learn more about the list of Epygi-supported IP Phones, please, send an email to [email protected].

Need a Reliable Telephone System for Hotels?

Epygi has a GREAT SOLUTION for YOU!
The Epygi Hotel solution for small and mid-sized hotels is designed to work with Epygi’s QX IP PBXs. It helps hotel management/staff to perform the following functions:

  • Use IP phones in reception, service areas, and administration.
  • Use cost-effective analog hotel phones in the hotel rooms.
  • Activate room phone, clear voice mail, wake up call, and do room call billing.
  • Connect wireless DECT phones for mobile staff.
  • Use phones to manage door access control.
  • Use the phone to monitor and communicate through surveillance cameras.
  • Activate notifications to hotel guests via a flexible paging system.
  • Click to dial on your WEB site for customer service.

Improve customer service, and be more connected and secure.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, contact us.

Epygi Trainings

Epygi offers resources for all levels of expertise.

  • For those who would like to know more about Epygi products, user scenarios and have the opportunity to ask questions real-time, we offer the free Sales and Technical Webinars. During these webinars we provide information for how to set up your QX IP PBX and utilize Epygi’s feature rich solutions. To view the upcoming webinars and register, please click here.
  • For those with advanced knowledge and an interest in hands-on, in-person training we recommend our Three Day Technical Training led by our Director of Support. These sessions provide the opportunity for hands-on training with the QX line and attendees receive a QX50 and one free feature-rich IP phone to take with them. To learn more and register, please click here.