Quadro IP PBXs


No matter your business, Epygi has a Quadro IP PBX perfectly designed for you. Not only are Epygi’s Quadro IP PBX products affordable and easy to use, but they give your company the ability to appear bigger, faster and more sophisticated.

Quadro Gateways


No matter your bandwidth connection, Epygi will provide you with a Gateway to the Internet. Epygi’s Quadro Gateway products offer built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support and call enhancements, as well as PBX functions.

Epygi Integrator


When you partner with Epygi, we help you make the greatest profit by working with you and providing you with potential customer leads. Help your customers find the most innovative solution for their business by becoming an Epygi Integrator.

For Your Business

For Your Business

Your business is operating in the Digital Age, which means it's time to merge voice and data to maintain the professional virtual presence expected by your clients. Epygi's products give your business flexibility, scalability and reliability, all for an economical price.