While governing the people, direct communication with your office staff and fellow governing body is not only convenient, but critical.

Did you know that your Epygi QX system can provide you with global video conferencing capabilities, the opportunity to record phone calls, password protections and more, all from your IP phone supported by your IP PBX? The following features are essential for maintaining secure and efficient communication within your government agency.

Recommended Features:

  • Auto Attendant

    The Auto Attendant feature is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that replaces a human operator and directs calls to the appropriate extensions or voice mailboxes. It engages callers through pre-recorded or synthesized audio prompts.

  • Barge-In

    Three unique features will be enabled when the Barge-In license is activated: Silent Monitoring, Agent Whisper and Supervisor. Barge-In will be available as enhanced features for authorized users on the IP PBX.

  • Call Recording

    This feature has the ability to record and store PBX, SIP or PSTN calls either locally on the Quadro's internal memory or on an external server. Calls can be recorded by pushing the record button on an IP phone, programming specific extensions to be recorded or recording every active call.

  • Find Me Follow Me

    The Find Me Follow Me feature permits employees to have calls track them down wherever they are. This Quadro feature makes your employees more efficient, because it gives them the ability to handle office tasks from any location.

  • System Security Software

    The System Security Software feature protects your IP PBX against external hackers, who could have the ability to reconfigure your system through eavesdropping, Denial of Service (DoS) or Theft of Service (ToS). Not only does the software prevent the above through internal protections, but each line also has the ability to be password protected through the security system.

  • Three-Way Conferencing

    This conferencing feature allows the caller and two other parties to speak together on one connection.

Capabilities Development and Integration Cell (CDI-Cell)

Located at Ft. Bliss, Texas, The Army Fires Center of Excellence Capabilities Development and Integration Cell (CDI-Cell) is responsible for supporting critical Homeland Defense training for Army National Guard Units across the country. With the installation of the QuadroM8L, they are now able to utilize critical features such as audio conferencing to continue training exercises at remote locations and auto dial participants into meetings. They were so impressed with the Epygi system that they plan to participate in a 90-day trial on the call recording feature as well.


Grand Island Utilities Department

The Grand Island Utilities Department, located in Grand Island, Nebraska, distributes water and electricity to local homes and businesses. They installed the QuadroM26x because it was compatible with their existing Snom Technology phones. Also, the Quadro's ability to support analog phone lines was crucial to Grand Island.

Grand Island

Lumark Technologies, Inc.

Lumark Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, delivers professional services to the U.S. government and defense clients. They installed the QuadroM8L, which allows them to use their existing Verizon lines, while still allowing them to take advantage of SIP trunking, without additional licensing costs. They also benefitted from free communication features, like Find Me Follow Me, allowing calls to track down an employee no matter what their location.

Lumark Technologies

Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney

The Miami-Dade office of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit, was in need of a new IVR that could process at least 3,000 calls daily. The installation of the QuadroM32x provided the office with the features they sought while adapting to fit custom needs, all at an attainable price point. The system provided the reliability that the largest legal prosecutor's office in the state of Florida required.

Miami State Attorney

Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Technology of Costa Rica

Based in Costa Rica, the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Technology (MINAET) is responsible for the coordination of all issues regarding conservation and natural resources in the country. The installation of the QX1000, and three Quadro FXO Gateways allowed them the ability to integrate analog lines into the system. Their Epygi solution also met their enterprise needs, in regards to capacity and communication, be offering audio and video conferencing.


Policia de Transito de Costa Rica

The Direccion General de Policia de Transito de Costa Rica was in need of an adaptable system to replace their Panasonic Kx-td 1232. Epygi's QX1000, partnered with a Quadro M E1/T1 60 dual, provided systems interconnection, E1/T1 connections and fit their capacity needs, as well as providing numerous additional features at no extra cost.

Policia de Transito de Costa Rica

The City of Canoas, Brazil

The city of Canoas, Brazil, sought a system to link the municipal health, public administration and education departments into one high speed, voice and data communication network. Each of the 15 sites was equipped with a Quadro PBX system. All sites are now integrated on the same telephone system, which is administered centrally from their City Hall. The features available on their Quadro IP PBXs have allowed all the administration offices to have interconnecting IP telephony and video calls.


The Republic of Armenia

With constant reform and improvement in the Republic of Armenia, the Prime Minister chose to install two QuadroM32x and 30 Quadro2xs in their main government building. He also installed the Quadro Configuration Console (QCC), which allows the government to make changes and updates across all remote locations. With these Epygi installations, Armenian's government employees are able to initiate ad-hoc voice and video calls for faster decision-making and greater productivity.