Feature Spotlight: Hot Desking – Your On-Demand Phone

You have gotten an open office area and do not have enough resources for getting IP phones for everybody in the office? Or maybe you have a type of business where all the employees are not in the office at the same time and there is no need for each of them to have a dedicated IP Phone? That’s not a problem, you can then set Epygi’s Hot Desking feature on IP Phones and turn them into personal desk phones on-demand.

Your employees can simply pick up any IP Phone with Hot-Desking configuration, log into their accounts, make calls then logout to allow others to login with their accounts and use the phone. With it there are two options to allow automatic logout, one at a specific time, and another after a specified time rage.

In the new FW version we added one more option, allowing automatic logout after each call – your account will just be logged out when you complete the call, simplifying further the use of our Hot Desking feature. Moreover, this enhancement is intended for securing the temporary physical occupancy of the phone – no one else can use the previous user’s credentials to make a call. Each call will be specific to that particular user and can be traced back to him/her.

In the new software release Epygi’s Hot Desking has one more useful feature. Now, when the user picks up the phone and logs into his/her account he/she can hear a notification on the available calling credit balance. This way the user is prompted ahead of time and is aware of his/her available calling credit amount.

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ecMON – The CLOUD-Based Monitoring Tool

cMON (Epygi Cloud Monitoring Service) is a cloud-based monitoring service which is part of the Epygi Cloud QX Service (ecQX). It is a WEB application platform allowing centralized monitoring for Epygi QX IP PBXs. Primarily designed for the Epygi SIP-based cloud PBXs – ecQX, the ecMON service is also used for monitoring the on-premise QX and UC IP PBXs.

Once configured, all online QX PBXs will be shown in a centralized directory with some key configuration settings and performance parameters. Conveniently accessible via a WEB browser, ecMON will provide real-time event notifications on QX application statuses to the system administrator. Among the reports shown is the status of registered phones, SIP trunks and even bad quality calls. These reports help identify problems quickly and resolve them in a timely manner.

With recent enhancements ecMON has become even more powerful. If you have a specific backup configuration file and need to propagate it on a selected number of active QXs at once – instead of one device at a time – you can now do that. In the same manner, you can now conveniently upload and install a specific firmware version on multiple QXs simultaneously in no time.

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Feature Spotlight: Extensions Bulk Import Tool

It can be very time consuming to create extensions along with their settings on a new system one-by-one. The Extensions Bulk Import tool feature allows you to create and update multiple extensions in one attempt. This will save you a lot of time especially if you have a large number of extensions to be created and customized on a system.

This feature consists of three components: Extension Template Management, Bulk User Extensions Importer and Extension Import Settings tools, each of which handles a different part of the process.

The Extension Template Management tool is for configuring the extensions’ common settings, such as the SIP server, SIP port, etc. The Bulk User Extensions Importer tool is for configuring the specific settings, such as Display Name and Extension Password, and the Extension Import Settings tool completes the set up process by creating and importing the configuration file using a pre-defined configuration template.

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