Feature Highlight: QX Receptionist Wizard

In the QX latest available FW version, the ACD callback feature has been updated by adding support for the time-limited callback. When a caller requests an ACD callback, the system evaluates the callback time. If the evaluated (calculated) callback time is between the preconfigured “callback time start” and “callback time end”, the system plays a message telling approximately what time it will call back.

If the calculated time is after the end time then it says: “We are sorry, we cannot call back, please try to call later”.

Time-limited callback works only if both callbacks start time and end time are filled in. If one of the fields is not filled in then the call back is not time-limited. When the user calls to ACD out of the callback start and end time range the request for callback will be ignored. This option allows to escape the situations when users are waiting for the CallBack for a long time, thus makes the service easier to use and user-friendly.

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New Enhancements in Parent-Child Extension Feature

Epygi is continuously trying to enhance the QX telephony features and services in order to support the requirements coming from the field. One of the most popular features is the Parent-Child extension configuration. A list of extensions can be configured as Child for the selected Parent extension, and they will ring simultaneously with the parent in case of an incoming call to the Parent extension. The Parent and any of the Child extension(s) can answer the call. The Child extensions are not visible from outside thus when placing an outbound call from the Child extension(s) the Parent’s caller ID and name would appear instead of the Child’s. IP Lines configured with Child extensions do not count against the maximum licensed IP Lines for the system.

The behavior of the parent-child extension group has been changed in the latest available public release. In the previous SW versions, if one of the phones in the child group is not registered, then the call goes to the voice mail of the parent extension even if all other phones are registered. The behavior is changed so that system will ignore the unregistered phone(s) and call available phones. Adding this option provides more flexibility and becomes more useful for some scenarios.

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Epygi Trainings

Epygi offers resources for all levels of expertise.

  • For those who would like to know more about Epygi products, user scenarios and have the opportunity to ask questions real-time, we offer the free Sales and Technical Webinars. During these webinars we provide information for how to set up your QX IP PBX and utilize Epygi’s feature rich solutions. To view the upcoming webinars and register, please click here.
  • For those with advanced knowledge and an interest in hands-on, in-person training we recommend our Three Day Technical Training led by our Director of Support. These sessions provide the opportunity for hands-on training with the QX line and attendees receive a QX50 and one free feature-rich IP phone to take with them. To learn more and register, please click here.